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A robot is a machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command or operates automatically with human-like skill. How about a robot with a creative mindset? Will he/she brings us happiness? I am sure one day he/she will. With good input, we will produce a better output. Sometimes, I have found that WE – designers – work like a robot but with a very creative thinking. We use electronics tools to create great designs in order to impress people or to sell our products. For …Continue Reading


I found that, an elephant always gives us “dad” feeling. May be because of his size. A giraffe is more like our “mum”. This is what I have created for this illustration. A father elephant with his kids and a mother giraffe with her child.

Me he dado cuenta de lo siguiente: un elefante siempre nos evoca a un padre. Probablemente por su tamaño. Y una jirafa es más como una madre. Estas son 2 ilustraciones que he creado hoy. Un padre elefante con sus hijos y una madre jirafa con su bebé.

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Poor Mr.Orange flavour, was killed by an ice-cream spoon.
Pobre Sr. Naranja, le ha matado por una cucharilla de helado.


Doesn’t Mr. Sun feels warm on in this weather?
¿Tendrá calor el Sr. Sol con este tiempo?



What if Donut and Croissant are alive? How do they look like?

¿Qué pasa si donut y Croissant están vivos? ¿Cómo serán?



These are some of the breakfast foods that I have every morning.  And I decided to turn it into icon.

Estos son algunas cosas que desayuno todas las mañanas. Y decidí convertirlo en icono. 


Elefun : An elephant having great fun!
Elefun : Un elefante pasando súper feliz! (fun en inglés significa divertirse)